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All of the employees at Send It Rising are passionate about the charities they support.
Learn more about the charities all our employees support.

kellen K.

Founder & CEO

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Account Manager

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Account Manager

todd farino

Web Development Director

james ongawan

PPC Manager

Experienced. Reliable. Professional

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Transform your business with our digital marketing expertise, maximizing profits like never before.

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Boost your online presence, outperform competitors with expert Advanced SEO strategies.

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Elevate your online presence with expert content production for higher rankings.

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Enhance local presence, dominate search rankings with expert location-based optimization.

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Maximize brand reach, rankings with expert social media consulting strategies.

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Drive traffic, boost rankings with targeted PPC advertising campaigns that convert.

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Increase engagement, climb rankings with effective and personalized email marketing.

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Experienced. Reliable. Professional

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Some of the Non-Profit’s Our Employees are passionate about

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Unlock success with invaluable insights and strategies for enhanced online presence

Discover how ‘Digital Marketing Unlocked’ empowers us with vital insights and strategies for boosting our online presence and fueling business growth. Contact us if you have any questions.



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